Tantra & Sensual Lomilomi Massages 

First of all sexuality is a normal aspect of life and there is nothing wrong with it, some people put it in a box I take it out of the box...all these massages did help many woman in many ways, it also improves relationships.
I give Tantra and Sensual Lomilomi massages since 2010 I speak also English and German. Tantra for woman is given in my luxury B&B www.villa-paraiso.com in Algarve Portugal. Combine your Holliday in Algarve at villa Paraiso with stunning beaches and the pleasure of your body and if you like also your sexuality. 
Sensual Lomilomi massage This is firstly a normal massage, its my own creation and a mixture of LomiLomi with Tantra influence. you even can decide to keep your string on and choose for with or without breast massage!, but most common is nude with breast massage. A honest note, the touch can awake your kundalini and awake your life energy and feelings, my massages can be very strong and its possible you get arroused but there is nothing wrong with that, because its a natural feeling and reaction, we are not made from stone...you have to decide for yourself if you are allow yourself to surrender to your feelings and want to enjoy more, I have no problems with it, its good for you and I encourage it, clients who express them self or get interactive enjoying the maximum of their feelings, mind, and well being. 
A Tantra massage is for sure a erotic massage, if you want to try it but its to scary, try first a Sensual Lomilomi massage from me, you will be surprised about the erotic feelings it can give, and probably you want to experience more. I hope to welcome you one day and enjoy one of my famous massages

Red Tantra Massages: I follow my own pad, I observed, learned and listened, and after a few years of practising and experience, I noticed what my clients do like and don't like. So I started to give Tantra on a modern way because we don't live 5000 years ago when Tantra was invented...that means, I believe in working with sexual energy and given it trough by hands and body, I connect to your Heart and Sacral Chakra´s and give you my energy and watch your breathing. I don't believe in white Tantra, dancing around a campfire, talking to trees, and dancing naked in the garden with a drum... When I started with Tantra I used a Tantra intro, but 90% of my clients find it weird or spooky, only 10% found it beautiful. My clients now, especially the new ones, like my approach because I let them lay down directly on their belly so they feel comfortable because they are not fully visible naked like with a Tantra intro, I cover them with a blanket and start from there.

What means the word Red Tantra, we have 3 styles in Tantra, White Tantra very light, often used by people dancing around trees but nothing sexual happens its spiritual and also used in Tantra Yoga , Red Tantra is focused on sensuality and sexuality mostly used for couples, and black Tantra forget this one directly it's a kind of magical secret Tantra. Red Tantra is actual for couples because its more sexual, well...the plan is to work with sexual energy! Right.. so I use it also to my clients, the woman is always in control and I observe here, and then I know that I can go further or not. I want the maximum effect and the maximum energy, and some woman need and want the maximum! I hear often complains that they had somewhere a bad Tantra massage what was very clinical, that's because they work by a program, schedule and don't know how to improvise or feel the clients, I give with my heart and with love, I read you and connect with you and most important, I know how and when to improvise, every woman is different, and also Important I like to give, it's my pleasure not my work!

Who are my clients:  My client's average age is between 25 and 55 sometimes older, this is the age woman know everything about their body, or are stacked in a boring sexual life. Most of our clients come to just enjoy the massage and their sexuality, woman or men have their sexual needs like all humans but sometimes the husband or wife cannot fulfil them or they are in a faze they need a new impulse, or feel sexual needs to other persons, but don't want to cheat their beloved ones or look for another relation, or imagine your single for a long time Tantra can furfill your sexual needs in a loving way, without the troubles of a boyfriend. I had even clients send by a doctor, because there are also woman or couples who have a men with prostate problems and they don't know how to please the wife anymore. There are also woman with sexual problems, woman with chronicle clitoris pain, woman with breast amputations or cancer and therefore single, they also like to enjoy some attention, just hugs and close contact not even always sexual. In Tantra you work with Chakra's, feelings and sexual energy, therefore Tantra can work mind changing in a positive way.

What is a Tantra Massage: A tantric massage is normally given on mattresses on the floor but I have also a massage table option what gives a little more distance. A Tantra massage is a very gentle sensual relaxation massage, and includes at the end also all your intimate parts of your body, they are massaged also and makes your sexual energy (or kundalini life energy) awakening and discharged. The energy that is released can connect the chakras for a total ecstatic experience, especially if you can totally surrender to the pleasure of the massage yourself. Many people experience the touch and nurturing as very healing, the soft and slow caresses gives you more contact with your body, you come closer to your feelings and you can expand your mind and your experience reactions of your body that you might not knew. It is usually in Tantra that the giver is also naked, just like you during the Tantra massage. This means more than just pleasant to work, it is also important in Tantra to be on the same level with the client, but remember it's all about you in a Tantra massage not about the masseur, you decide how far you want to go. The aim of a Yoni massage at the end is not working towards a orgasm though it can certainly play a pleasant and welcome supporting role and 99% of the woman have a orgasm, the energy in Tantra enables women to intensify their orgasm. By going in to this challenge and if you dare to enjoy Tantra, it gives you hugely satisfying feeling and you are a great experience richer. A Tantra Massage it's for women who know what they want, and can let everything go, you are allowed to completely surrender to your feelings and desires during the massage, feel free to make noise or get more interactive with the masseur, it helps to read your body language and response to that, if you don't move and don't make noise the masseur don't know what you like or don't like. I respect anyone, my clients are old and young, thick and thin, you do not need to be ashamed for your body, If you noticed white spots on my body I ave sins the age of 26 vitiligo a innocent pigment disorder. Your yoni shaved and smooth is a big plus, it makes it a lot easier to massage also with body to body. I show you the massage room where you have to go, the warm oil, candlelight and relaxing music waiting for you...you use your bathrobe in your room or undress yourself in the massage room, you lie down on your belly and the rest goes by itself. The massage itself takes about 60 minutes but I never watch the clock!.

Masseur Roland: Woman only, since 2019 all massages cost 30,- Note! for many reasons its not possible that a men joins to look, I use olive oil.

Sensual Lomi Lomi Massage Relaxing on massage table 45 Min

Tantra on massage table: Without body to body, relaxing erotic massage 45-60 Min

Tantra on floor: More interactive body to body relaxing erotic massage 60-90 min


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