Roland is a world explorer, international renowned as a photographer, specialized in African Wildlife, Landscape, Nude and Erotic Art Photography. Worldwide known as a Mexican Usa Yucca specialist import exporter, Specialized in Balinese wood Art, Movie document maker, Creative Artist, Tantra and Lomilomi Masseur, practised Shoalin wushu, Tai chi chuan over 25 years, Guitar player, B&B owner in Algarve. Need one of my talents, or just want to check out the person who is your host at B&B Villa Paraiso go ahead! My Luxury Adults Only B&B, Naturism optional in Algarve Portugal My Tropical plant business in the Netherlands, since 2000 My specialized Yucca linearifolia nursery in Algarve  My website about Balinese Art, import exporter, collector since 1994




Roland smeets

Estrada de Armacao de Pera
Lagoa - Porches
GPS Coordinates N8.39965° N37.11664°
Algarve Portugal
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