Antique from Bali

For many years I designed Balinese gardens, Asia has a special place in my heart because I practised 30 years Martial arts and also I did know many Indonesian people. Im a collector of antique Balinese art over 20 years and I offer only old and high quility uniek specimens for sale. By many products I shall explain the high price, in general a high price is set because of the used wood and if a product is made by a good carver or made by a master carver, in general the highest quility is found in antique from the 50s till the 80s because there was no mass tourism on Bali, so carvers had all the time and there was still plenty of expensive wood like maccasar ebony or rosewood.

Roland smeets

Estrada de Armacao de Pera
Lagoa - Porches
GPS Coordinates N8.39965° N37.11664°
Algarve Portugal
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