Balinese Art

Since 1995 I did design Balinese gardens and imported container loads with furniture ornaments and statues in stone and wood from Bali, Asia has a special place in my heart because I practised 30 years Martial arts and also I did know many Indonesian people in Holland. Because I know much about Bali Art, Ramanyana and history I decided to share my knowhow and hope future generations are also getting interested in Balinese Art. I’m a collector of only wooden statues, old or antique, only from Balinese Master or professional carvers, I collect mainly Ramayana statues, sometimes these statues go from one collectors generation to another collectors generation, I have a own gallery at my B&B  If you have a old Balinese statue for sale contact me with pictures maybe I’m interested!. 

My website is offline but will be back